Open Mike Eagle: Universe Man (feat. Serengeti)


In an interview I posted with Open Mike Eagle last month, the L.A.-based art-rap auteur opened up about his new album, 4NML HSPTL, due out June 26 on Fake Four: “It’s the place where rappers, or any artists, go when they try to know too much. It’s a place you end up at. I decided to call it the animal hospital – you go there when your head explodes.”

Let the mental purging begin. “Universe Man” is the first leak off his third album (with beats handled entirely by UK producer Awkward), and like most of Mike Eagle’s songs, this one is brimming with the type of pop-culture references and bookish rhymes that challenge our Twitter-conditioned short-attention spans. It really does sound like his head might explode if he doesn’t get all of this out.

Pigeons and Planes premiered the song a couple weeks ago and has the album’s tracklist.

Open Mike Eagle feat. Serengeti, “Universe Man”:

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