Panther: Secret Lawns

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The little I know about Panther comes from the praise my wife and my boy Royce heaped upon him after seeing him open for Ratatat in September. (Ratatat … not so great.) Unfortunately, I arrived late, so I missed his set.

In fact, I know so little about Panther (aka Charlie Salas-Humara) that I’d rather just let the music speak for itself instead of trying to feign knowledge or cut-paste PR material. I will say that Panther is the type of artist I seem to be drawn to more and more of late: solo, creative, unorthodox (much like the Gray Kid).

Anyway, Panther is releasing the full LP Secret Lawns on Fryk Beat on March 6.

  • Panther | How Well Can You Swim

3 thoughts on “Panther: Secret Lawns”

  1. Is this guy related to Walter Salas-Humara of The Silos (vets of the first great alt-country wave of the ’80s and still going strong, BTW) — his son, maybe?

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