Parquet Courts: Stoned and Starving


For the majority of the past 24 hours or so, I’ve been sort of obsessed with Parquet Courts‘ “Stoned and Starving,” as sincere a stoner anthem that we’ve heard in recent memory.

In the same way JEFF the Brotherhood wanted to cool out and get wasted with a six-pack, Parquet Courts – from Brooklyn by way of Texas – spend a good five minutes on “Stoned and Starving” pondering a common concern with uncommon earnestness. Any of us would eat a burrito; these guys wrote a song, and a pretty damn good one at that.

I don’t sense any of the irony I expected when I first saw the title of the song. Co-frontman Andrew Savage told Pitchfork: “There’s a lot of songs on the record about being a loner, about my first winter in New York.” So when they sing the opening lines – “I was walking through Ridgewood, Queens / I was flipping through magazines” – you know this isn’t just the ramblings of an aimless stoner.

Stream and/or purchase the LP Light Up Gold, released by Dull Tools last year and re-released by What’s Your Rupture? in 2013.

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