People Under the Stairs: Anotha’ (BBQ)

It’s sort of a shame that the new record from People Under the Stairs, Fun DMC, is coming out in the fall (on Tuesday, to be exact). This is, like most PUTS records, an album best suited for the summer. That’s not to say it can’t be enjoyed in any season, but Fun DMC is flush with the good-time, hangin’-on-the-front-patio jams PUTS have become known for.

Best part about the album? We’re talking 20 tracks – no skits, no intros, no outros, no filler, no unnecessary guest spots. And I know I already posted a bit about the new stuff, but that was before I heard the whole album. Having taken in Fun DMC in its entirety, I can say it lives up to the duo’s promise of upholding a carefree, old-school ethos. There’s a fine line between respecting your forefathers and jockin’ them, and Double K and Thes One never cross it.

No track better personifies their California cool than Anotha’ (BBQ). You’ll see: This is a song for the summer. But in L.A., the summer never really ends, does it?

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