Phoenix: 1901 (video)

One of the year’s best songs (so far) gets a seizure-inducing light show of a video:

ELSEWHERE: Kings of Leon fans are an angry bunch. Phoenix New Times music editor Martin Cizmar riled ’em up with his review of Tuesday’s show at Mesa Amphitheatre. They call him a ponce, git, tit, loser and turbo nerd (whuh?) … and that’s just the half of it.

2 thoughts on “Phoenix: 1901 (video)”

  1. I can’t really comment on that show as I wasn’t there (nor have I seen KoL live) but I have to say that it’s interesting that most of the fan responses are quite contrary to Cizmar’s review. I’ve been a pretty forgiving fan of some bands I love when I see them live but either KoL fans are really buying the purple kool-aid or Cizmar was quite off-base. For what it’s worth, he did seem a bit snarky, but hey, a review is largely opinion, I guess. Still…the comments were pretty funny so thanks for sharing (and by the way, Cizmar apparently left a comment that said he thinks Fall Out Boy are a better band in every imaginable way than Kings of Leon…now THAT is an opinion that goes out on a limb!).

  2. I have to agree with Harlan, those fans were pretty vitriolic. OK, he was a little snarky but the guy didn’t deserve that kind of response. I watched a video on YouTube of a drunk girl attempting to interview two members of the band when they played at the KROQ Weenie Roast recently and she received the same kind of acidic response as Cizmar, just for expressing her opinion on the new album. Fair enough, she was wasted and constantly repeated herself but she only said (several times) what most longterm fans have thought all along. KoL clearly have a more than a few overzealous, slightly maniacal fans out there.

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