Pigeon John’s Top 10 Cities to Rock Shows

Our friends at Quannum wanted to let us in on Pigeon John’s top 10 list for 2006: Top 10 Cities to Rock Shows. I saw PJ and Busdriver in Scottsdale, which, unfortunately, did not make the list. But Tucson did. Big ups to the Old Pueblo.

This list is pretty hilarious, especially when he gives shouts out to Montana. Montana?!? OK, when Phoenix/Scottsdale is falling behind Missoula, Montana, I know we have our work cut out for us.
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1. Whittier, CA
Why? All the boys look like Morrisey and all the girls look like they dropped out of heaven in the 50’s…

2. Missoula, MT
Why? Unsuspecting mountain people with huge brains and hands filled with beer mugs hug you and make you feel special.

3. Tuscon, AZ
Why? Haunted youth stroll the streets lost and amused. The prettiest sunsets on Earth and the underage drink scary amounts of Bud Lite. Busdriver and I sat back and gawked.

4. Memphis, TN
Why? The South did rise this year. Me and Slim Kid Tre drove in expecting 20 but were blown away at the hundreds of pirates that came. The girls are pretty Janis Joplins and the boys wear Gucci shoes…with no socks.

5. Colorado Springs, CO
Why? The bleek and grey industry town warms my soul. Tea and Vodka greet my hands and the people that come to the shows are thirsty for truth and will not take lies for an answer.

6. Orlando, FL
Why? The Social. The scene is young enough not to be stuck up. Flynn from LA Symphony lives there and if you’re single, this place will put you in a choke hold.

7. NYC
Why? Its the old gangster grandfather who still dates 23 year old lawyers from Sweden. You have to prove yourself … to him … but not to the transplants who slip on the NYC culture like cheap fake designer coat. … screw them.

8. Seattle, WA
Why? The city dwells in a thick history of slickness. The people will always be cooler than you without trying. Chop Suey’s the best place to play. Its small, red and filled with danger.

9. Aspen, CO
Why? The rich and homeless live together. The women wear furs as big and flowing as the sea. The mountians sing praises to their king and the shows are always solded out.

10. Sydney, Australia
Why? Oz is like a huge California. The food is good, the drinks are good. Everything is good. Jam Recordings (my Oz label), treat you like Wesley Snipes in 1995. I met great friends out there and got lounge with with guys from Silverchair at The Establishment. The 2007 black Range Sport speed fast following the silver 2007 BMW M3 through the wet street of Sydney. It was beautiful.

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