Queens of the Stone Age cover White Wedding

Thanks to my man Dusty, who posted this Queens of the Stone Age cover of Billy Idol’s White Wedding that apparently comes on the Best Buy version of Era Vulgaris.

This falls in the I-like-the-cover-better-than-the-original category. Although, it could be because of my immense man-crush on Josh Homme. If you read this story on Homme and aren’t convinced of his coolness, then I don’t know what to say.

Some samples:

With a little prodding, Homme (rhymes with “mommy”) will admit he is still on probation after pleading no contest to two counts of battery against Blag Dahlia, the lead singer of a punk outfit called the Dwarves. It happened at the Dragonfly club in Hollywood three years ago; an incident Homme regrets not one iota. “I went there to attack and humiliate him,” he said. “That’s what I did.”

But what Homme, 34, who has the imposing physique of a longshoreman, standing nearly 6 feet 7 inches in his motorcycle boots, really wants to talk about is his new hobby. “Sewing is the best thing!” he exclaimed. “I can feel my heart rate going down when I do it. I forget everything else. It’s great when you’re on the tour bus.”

About his confrontation with Dahlia: “Everyone in this world deserves to be slapped – not too hard – and I hope they are, because it’s a great teaching tool.”

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4 thoughts on “Queens of the Stone Age cover White Wedding”

  1. do you know anything about that LIL WAYNE “ICKY THUMP FREESTYLE?
    does it even exist/if so, where can i get it?
    thought it’d be cool to hear
    been hittin up the blogs to see if anyone knows where to get it

  2. My J.Ho man-crush is bigger than your J.Ho man-crush. He’s the shit. Great cover, too.

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