Radar Bros.: Brother Rabbit (video)

Ah, any movement from the Radar Bros. camp is great news. The latest is a new video for Brother Rabbit, a track off one of my 2008 favorites, Auditorium.

The video was directed by The General Assembly, which calls it “our oilfield epic.” Like the Radar Bros.’ music, there’s something sparse and vaguely depressing about this video. Though it doesn’t look like West Texas – it was shot in rural Oklahoma – the passing shots of the oil derricks make me fondly remember my two years in Lubbock, Texas. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is as lonely/frightening as driving in the empty spaces of West Texas and seeing those beasts of steel slowly crank up and down, up and down. There’s a political message in here, I’m sure, but that’s not ever really what struck me.

This video (via the Merge blog) seems to capture a day in the life of a lonely existence – an oilfield worker who comes home after a long day to get dressed up, only to spend an evening by himself again at a non-descript bar.

Seriously, I get pretty upset/sad watching this.

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