Radar Bros. finish new album


In news that may excite only myself and Brian @ Bows + Arrows, Jim Putnam announces on MySpace that a new Radar Bros. album is finished and likely due for a January release.

The post:

our new album is finished, mastered and in the can! i’m sleeping better already, with the aid of some otc pills….generic of course.

what can i say? looking at a january release most likely, and the album title will be “auditorium”. 12 songs. good ones. vodka or bourbon?


p.s.- did anyone know that squids have beaks?

So until January, a span of time in which Putnam apparently will be watching Animal Planet, here’s a B-side from an EP that I’m pretty sure I snagged at Bows + Arrows.

  • Radar Bros. | No One Left

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