Radar Bros.: When Cold Air Goes to Sleep (video)

Jan. 29 is a day I am eagerly anticipating. That’s when the Radar Bros. release their new record Auditorium on Merge Records. But, you know, I might have mentioned that once or twice or thrice before.

To whet the appetite, here’s the first video from the album for the song When Cold Air Goes to Sleep. Seriously: Radar Bros. as Kiss? And what’s with this … this … up-tempo stuff? I like it. Anyway, the video was directed by Bradley Beesley, the man responsible for, among other things, the great Fearless Freaks documentary on the Flaming Lips.

Also, bassist Senon Williams has possibly overtaken Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell for best indie-rock beard.

Lastly, here’s a new track, Warm Rising Sun.

2 thoughts on “Radar Bros.: When Cold Air Goes to Sleep (video)”

  1. i saw senon with dengue fever a month ago and the beard is gone. sorry. very excited about new radar bros., though, thanks.

  2. I am actually flying cross-country to the record-release party on the 29th at the Echo. That’s how much Radar Bros fucking rule.

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