Revisiting the Radar Bros.

So, I’m not sure if there’s some sort of statute of limitations that must expire before you should post a second time about a band. But I like the Radar Bros. quite a bit, and I posted on them way back in August, around the time I discovered The Fallen Leaf Pages, so I figured it was time to revisit them.

Oddly, the Radar Bros. (on Merge) don’t seem to be blogged about very much, not that that’s some damning statement of their music. But Merge is such a great label (one of my favorites), so I just assumed people would have picked up on them.

Maybe the Radar Bros. aren’t indie enough? Is that even a plausible theory? I don’t know. But I typically find myself helplessly sucked in when I listen to them with their delicate lyrics and sweeping instrumentation. Catchy melodies aren’t readily apparent, but there’s something alluring about that. Their deliberate pacing somehow manages to rein in my quick trigger finger on my iPod. They remind me to slooooow down and enjoy the music.

Here’s a few of my favorites:

Radar Bros. | Shifty Lies
(From The Singing Hatchet)
Radar Bros. | On the Line
(From And the Surrounding Mountains)
Radar Bros. | Government Land
(From The Fallen Leaf Pages)

And the Surrounding Mountains and The Fallen Leaf Pages are available – as is most of the Merge catalog – at eMusic, so pick ’em up using their free trial of 50 mp3s.

About that live Nada Surf …

Some folks were asking about live recordings from Monday’s Nada Surf show. With the group’s permission, I recorded the in-store performance at Stinkweeds. They asked to hear the files before posting to ensure sound quality and such, which I absolutely respect. I’ll be sending those tracks to them via e-mail. It was a tremendous set of 11 (!) songs.

7 thoughts on “Revisiting the Radar Bros.”

  1. i am so glad to see another radar bros fan. seriously, why aren’t they more popular? the singing hatchet is a classic. i like what you said about their pacing, very true.

  2. That’s awesome that you got to record Nada Surf’s in-store performance. Do you mind if I ask what rig you used to record them? Thanks!

  3. Anon,

    Used a Sony minidisc: MZ-M10, one of the few models (from what I’ve read) that has software to import into a mac. Just used a standard t-shape mic, too. Nothing too fancy, but I think it came out pretty well.

  4. I gotta wonder, did you happen to record any Rogue Wave that day/night as well? Given your previous recordings of Live Rogue, i’d love to here more.

  5. Sorry Jeff, no go on the Rogue Wave. The venue isn’t very conducive to it. I will say this: the setlist was very similar (and shorter) to the one I recorded before.

  6. Ah, well…no live Rogue. C’est la vie.

    Well, at least there’ll be some Nada Surf.

    I know what you mean about the venues too. I’ve been in some that would be hell on trying to record.

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