RJD2: Let There Be Horns (video)

For anyone who didn’t take to RJD2’s attempts at singing on The Third Hand (and many people didn’t), you’ll probably be relieved to hear the vocals-free Let There Be Horns, a cut that recalls some of the better tracks from RJ’s beat-heavy debut Deadringer.

Not to mention, the video for the song follows a day in the life of a cubicle-bound, chemically imbalanced minotaur, who’s having a bit of a rough day.

Pick up RJ’s new album The Colossus on Jan. 19 and don’t forget he’ll be at Rhythm Room on April 4 with Busdriver and Happy Chichester. (Buy tickets.)

RJD2 (feat. Blueprint): Wherever
New/old RJD2: Find You Out
I Used to Love H.E.R.: RJD2

ALSO: I’m leaving for Thailand for 16 days with my wife and her parents, who are from there. Other than the 15-hour flight between L.A. and Taipei (and the ensuing three-hour layover and three-hour flight to Bangkok), I’m beyond excited. The thought of boarding a plane for 15 hours seems surreal to me at this point, but I figure it’s great training for The Amazing Race. Anyway, Frequent contributor and all-around awesome guy Jason Woodbury will keep the blog fresh in my stead.

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