Rob Dickinson audio ecard

Being that I’m in New York, thousands of miles away from the comfort of my home (and external hard drive), I’m a little out of sorts this week.

But I do have an audio ecard from Rob Dickinson, former singer of Catherine Wheel who is rereleasing his solo debut Fresh Wine for the Horses. The reissue includes a new track, The End of the World (see below), and a second disc of newly recorded Catherine Wheel tracks done acoustically.

I could go on here and question why this album is being rereleased (we already bought it once, thanks), why Dickinson seems to be holding on a little too hard to the CW salad days (see CW logo plastered on ecard) and why he doesn’t just give us some new material. But I’m really tired. It’s 4 in the morning. I’m not even putting a picture in this post, for crying out loud.

And, besides, Black Metallic is probably my favorite CW song and the ecard includes that audio stream. And you should listen to it.

Click this thingy:

Really, just get Catherine Wheel back together already, mmmmkay?

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