Rob Dickinson: Oceans video

Digging around on Rob Dickinson’s MySpace page, I came across his video for Oceans, the second single off the former Catherine Wheel singer’s solo debut Fresh Wine for the Horses.

It’s like any other video, except, well, that it’s supposedly the first one ever shot using a cell phone. VIdeo director Mike Hodgkinson used a Nokia N93 (3.2 megapixel), a phone Nokia claims is capable of “DVD-link quality video.”

In a making-of video about the video (confused?), you can see the “guerilla” tactics Hodgkinson used, including attaching the phone to helium balloons to get aerial shots and creating a makeshift tripod for it.

The major benefit? He tells Tux:Tops they funded the project themselves, “only a couple of hundred bucks all in.”

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