Serengeti as Kenny Dennis: Shazam (video)

Kobe Bryant might be able to tell you how Shaquille O’Neal’s ass tastes, but not Kenny Dennis, the alter ego of Serengeti and lover of all things Chicago (Bears, Hawks, Sox, Bulls).

Shaq Diesel crossed the line by dissing Dennis’ mustache at a Jive Records showcase in 1993, when Dennis (aka Kdz) was a member of Tha Grimm Teachaz and the Big Aristotle was moonlighting as a rap star. Fueled by O’Douls, Dennis had to reply. As Serengeti told me last month after we talked sports: “Kdz, as he was know then as, immediately came home and recorded ‘Shazam.'”

Almost 20 years later, and we have a visual accompaniment that includes Dennis dribbling Photoshopped Shaq heads. This is incredible.

The song is part of the Kenny Dennis EP that is coming out on Anticon on April 3. Not long before that, on March 20, Serengeti will release the Beak & Claw EP, a collaboration with Son Lux and Sufjan Stevens they are calling s / s / s. Pitchfork has the scoop.

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