Song of the Year (so far): Band of Horses, “Funeral”

We went to the Rhythm Room last night to see Band of Horses. I must be late on the draw: These guys are stupendous. I bought their album, Everything All the Time, on iTunes yesterday and I’ve already listened to it a good two or three times. (I didn’t take any pics of the show … bad blogger, bad!)

Seriously, with the Shins, Rogue Wave and Band of Horses, Sub Pop has the market cornered on a great new sound. (Or maybe it’s a revival?) Band of Horses’ open-ended, three-chord power is stunning and has an absolute grip on me. I see the Shins-meets-My Morning Jacket comparisons. But Bands brings something else: a bigger, more aggressive approach.

On stage, the sound was inspired and, frankly, mesmerizing. Our Swords, with two bass guitars and a pulsating drum beat, was a highlight of the show. That is, until they closed with the amazing Funeral. There’s something about frontman Ben Bridwell’s upper-register vocals underpinned by those sprawling guitars and convincing drums.

Listen. It’s my favorite of the year so far.

Band of Horses | Funeral

9 thoughts on “Song of the Year (so far): Band of Horses, “Funeral””

  1. i love this song and need to get my grubby paws on the album. the song is such a throwback to 80s metal ballads…it’s weird, but i love it.

  2. Was at the show too. To bad Matt wasn’t able to be there with the band. They played well without him, but the set was far to short. Love the debut. I know all of the buzz for months has been about the demos. But I realy do enjoy the studio tracks. The CD sounds fab.I got a feeling that this CD has the strong possibility of blowing up big time!, ala The Shins.

  3. its too bad i didn’t jump on this band of horses sooner. i got the album in december from sub pop through an intern. i shoulda got it online asap. i spose i would recieve no recognition regardless. but w/evs. good choice.

  4. I agree with Dodge–it reminds me of Europe or one of those other hair band type ballads. I have been burning this song up on my iPod for about 3 days straight. On my way to buy the album.

  5. i love this disc as well, but i am having a hard time with all of the lyrics to funeral. can anyone help?

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