Sounds from the Basement, Vol. 1

It’s always great to see someone champion the local Phoenix/Tempe scene. That’s what Ashley Harris has been doing with The Basement, a two-hour local show based out of Arizona State’s campus radio station the Blaze 1260 AM.

She’s brought in local bands for interviews, performances and guest DJ spots. She’s leaving ASU, but Harris has left us a gift: Sounds from the Basement, Vol. 1. It’s a compilation – downloadable for free – of some of the performances, which are mostly acoustic.

The compilation features bands I’m familiar with – Source Victoria, Colorstore and Sleepwalk, A Robot – and some I’ve never heard (but glad I have now) – especially Adam Lee and the Dead Horse Sound Company.

Listen to and download the compilation at Pure Volume, where you can also watch video of 10 more performances.

  • Source Victoria | The Welcoming (live on The Basement)
  • Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Company | Oh, Virginia (live on The Basement)

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