Spoon: The Beast and Dragon, Adored (live)

Spoon continues to make good on its promise of offering a bonus mp3 every month, something the band has been doing since April.

There have been some gems, and December’s installment brings us a live version of The Beast and Dragon, Adored from a 2005 performance in Sydney (at least that’s what the album tag says in iTunes).

ON A SIDE NOTE: It’s been an awful two days for newspapers as the massive Gannett Co. carries out its plan to cut 10 percent across its work force.

The Arizona Republic, my former employer for five-plus years, is a Gannett paper. Though I feel fortunate to have moved on, I’ve had anxious/uneasy feelings for friends and ex-colleagues, who have been on pins and needles for the past month after it was announced there would be involuntary reductions layoffs. (The Republic already went through a round of buyouts earlier in the year.) I’ve been glued to Gannett Blog for information and updates.

I have nothing overtly political/righteous to say about this, other than that my thoughts go out to those losing their jobs. We all know newspapers are struggling to stay afloat, and whether you read them or not or you think it’s a useless medium, be mindful that a whole lot of talented journalists are wondering what they’ll do next. Here’s hoping they can put their skills to use elsewhere.

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