Spoon: The Mystery Zone (demo)


Earlier this month, Spoon released a compilation of demos and alternate versions of songs that the band previously made available as bonus tracks on its website, a monthly practice Britt Daniel and Co. has kept up since April 2008.

Though I think it’s unfair to properly review such a haphazard collection that’s essentially just a treat for fans and completists, Matthew Perpetua makes a good argument at Pitchfork (6.3) that the 10-song compilation is a little lean. Not only that, it’s already dated.

Spoon apparently isn’t going to stop the bonus cuts with the CD. A demo version of The Mystery Zone has been offered up for your December pleasure. It’s raw and acoustic and about half the length of the album version, but it’s easy to connect the dots to the finished product, even if the demo is tagged as “The Midnight Barber” for the artist.

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