Spoon’s Girls Can Tell gets vinyl reissue

Try as I might to trim some of the fat out of my music collection, one of my goals is to acquire some of my favorite albums on vinyl. To that end, I’m quite happy to see Merge Records reissuing Spoon’s Girls Can Tell on 180-gram vinyl on May 6.

A Series of Sneaks and The Magnetic Fields’ The Charm of the Highway Strip also will be reissued. Pre-order them for $15 apiece right here. Each includes a digital download coupon.

If you’re into making arbitrary/meaningless lists, here’s one: The Fitted Shirt and Anything You Want definitely rank in my top 5 of back-to-back songs on an album. Seriously, The Fitted Shirt? That riff is hard to top. “I long for the days, they used to say, ma’am and yes, sir.”

  • Spoon | The Fitted Shirt

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