Stateless … again

I talked a little about Stateless back in August 2005, when the group was hustling its Bloodstream EP.

I’m happy to say now Stateless has a full-length ready for release, a self-titled effort coming out June 19 on !K7. If you’re the type who likes to play name association (as I sometimes am), Stateless singer Chris James spent a good chunk of last year – 70 shows in 19 countries – touring with the great DJ Shadow (James appeared on Erase You on Shadow’s The Outsider).

On the Stateless LP, you can sense a little bit of Shadow rubbing off – pretty soundscapes punctuated by drums, both live and programmed. Mostly, Stateless (from Leeds) seamlessly blends classic piano sounds with more modern collage techniques of sampling and turntablism. It’s a tricky balance, and one the group pulls off with nary a glitch on tracks like Exit, the lead single, and Down Here, one of those songs I’m all too eager to tell friends about and put on mixes.

  • Stateless | Exit
  • Stateless | Down Here (studio session)

(Two more stripped-down versions of songs – Horizon and Running Out – available on the group’s Web site.)

2 thoughts on “Stateless … again”

  1. if there’s any justice, the new album should see them getting the attention they deserve.
    there’s def room for them. only heard exit, but down here is great.

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