Sunday Grab Bag: Pete Yorn live promo

I know my wife thinks I’m insane for hitting the record shops once (twice?) a week. Definitely there are times when I know I’ve combed over just about everything there is to see. Until I stumble upon a gem, like this four-song Pete Yorn live promo CD from 2001 (for $3.99!).

Yeah, you can buy his double-CD Live from New Jersey. But this sweet little promo โ€“ recorded at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, June 14, 2001 โ€“ has him briefly covering Springsteen (Dancin’ in the Dark) and the Smiths (Panic). In the immortal words of Champ Kind: “Whammy!”

Do yourselves a favor and grab these. Not sure how long I’ll keep them up.

Pete Yorn: Live, promo CD:

1. Dancin’ in the Dark/Murray
2. For Nancy (‘Cos it Already Is)
3. Strange Condition
4. Panic/Life on a Chain

7 thoughts on “Sunday Grab Bag: Pete Yorn live promo”

  1. the musicforthemorningafter bonus disk features two springsteen covers and that smiths’ cover, as well as a different version of Strange Condition. I love his Suspicious Minds cover off his live CD. I’m glad not everyone forgot about Pete Yorn.

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