Sunday Grab Bag: Pete Yorn live promo

I know my wife thinks I’m insane for hitting the record shops once (twice?) a week. Definitely there are times when I know I’ve combed over just about everything there is to see. Until I stumble upon a gem, like this four-song Pete Yorn live promo CD from 2001 (for $3.99!).

Yeah, you can buy his double-CD Live from New Jersey. But this sweet little promo – recorded at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, June 14, 2001 – has him briefly covering Springsteen (Dancin’ in the Dark) and the Smiths (Panic). In the immortal words of Champ Kind: “Whammy!”

Do yourselves a favor and grab these. Not sure how long I’ll keep them up.

Pete Yorn: Live, promo CD:

1. Dancin’ in the Dark/Murray
2. For Nancy (‘Cos it Already Is)
3. Strange Condition
4. Panic/Life on a Chain

7 thoughts on “Sunday Grab Bag: Pete Yorn live promo”

  1. That is one handsome man. Not Josh Homme handsome, but pretty frickin’ hot nonetheless.

  2. the musicforthemorningafter bonus disk features two springsteen covers and that smiths’ cover, as well as a different version of Strange Condition. I love his Suspicious Minds cover off his live CD. I’m glad not everyone forgot about Pete Yorn.

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