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DJ Shadow: Border Crossing (video)


“Border Crossing” – off his new album The Less You Know, The Better – is DJ Shadow’s entry into the immigration debate, with Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 law the obvious inspiration.

The song’s aggro metal riff certainly suggests Rage Against the Machine-like political fury, but the sepia-toned, seizure-inducing visuals complete the picture for the instrumental’s theme.

I definitely applaud DJ Shadow for taking a stand (Sheriff Joe Arpaio should be tied to a chair and forced to watch this video on loop). That said, I don’t see Shadow’s name on the list of Sound Strike artists boycotting Arizona, so I certainly hope he’d feel compelled to come to our state to perform and help educate the masses.

DJ Shadow (feat. Tom Vek): Warning Call

DJ Shadow - The Less You Know The Better

So, Tom Vek disappears for five-plus years and now he’s showing up everywhere (not that I’m complaining). It’s good to make up for lost time. After dropping his sophomore album Leisure Seizure in June, he’s now showing up as a guest on new track for DJ Shadow. You could say Vek’s name is, uh, being plastered everywhere.

Warning Call comes off Shadow’s forthcoming album The Less You Know, The Better, due out Oct. 4 on Verve.

I wouldn’t have expected this collaboration (I guess Vek didn’t either), and the skittish, dance-y energy seems tailored to Vek’s style.