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Incoming: The Life and Times, May 16

Rarely do I wear earplugs to shows (dumb, I know), but I’ll probably make a point of bringing a pair Saturday for The Life and Times show, a band that has the potential and the gear – a 26-inch kickdrum?? – to shake the foundation of our humble Modified.

Started from the ashes of Allen Epley’s Shiner, The Life and Times is touring in support of its second full-length Tragic Boogie (6.9 at Pitchfork).

The Life and Times falls right in line with my penchant for grandiose rock, bands that can fill wide-open spaces with the obligatory wall of sound but do it with a sense of purpose (Catherine Wheel and Hum come to mind). That ringing in my ear the next day will have been worth it.

Kinch and Traindodge open. Tickets ($10) are available here.