Talkdemonic opening for The National in LA

Because I’ll be one of the few mp3 bloggers not going to SXSW (boo!), I have to train my focus on March 29, when my wife and I will be seeing The National (hooray!) at the Troubadour in Los Angeles – and partying with the Drunkard and his wife.

I always love to see who opens shows for bands I hold in high regard. Because, hey, if they’re good enough for The National …

Talkdemonic – a duo from Portland, Ore., made up of multi-instrumentalists Kevin O’Connor and Lisa Molinaro – is one of two openers (Baby Dayliner is the other).

Unless it’s a DJ (say, Shadow or RJD2), all-instrumental compositions usually just ain’t my thing. However, these sounds by Talkdemonic – with O’Connor playing (among other things) drums, synth, Wurlitzer, laptop and Molinaro on viola and synths – are pretty enthralling. The band calls it “folktronic hop”: wispy indie vibes grounded by electronic/hip-hop beats.

I’ll be very curious to see how it translates live.

Beat Romantic is due out March 21 on Arena Rock Recording Co.

Talkdemonic | Mountaintops in Caves

4 thoughts on “Talkdemonic opening for The National in LA”

  1. When I saw the National I was similarly excited to see who they brought along. Unfortunately, that band was Film School and I really didn’t like them!

  2. yeah, that talkdemonic stuff is great. i reviewed it for a paper, and was very surprised at how absorbing it was, especially for being instrumental. can’t wait to here how the show goes.

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