The Antlers: Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out (video)


If I was the sort of person who made half-year best of lists, you’d probably find the Antlers’ Burst Apart on there, so it’s probably fair to assume it will wind up on the year-end tally (assuming, you know, I actually make one, unlike in 2010). And this probably proves that I should listen to more Talk Talk, as my brother has urged all these years.

As I’ve familiarized myself with the music, I’ve only just now started trying to tackle the lyrics. They are, to say the least, crushing. Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out stood out because a friend had mentioned experiencing this in recurring dreams, which apparently means you’re worried about appearance. Whatever the interpretation, I’m not sure singer Peter Silberman really requires the metaphorical mysteries here. He’s fairly blunt about the wreckage of post-breakup sex:

“One dumb night I’ll make a point to take an old verboten route,
And one dumb night I’ll take you out, to the bar we’ve both blacked out.
One dumb night two bad decisions don’t divide to cancel out.”

Check the video and draw your own interpretations of the song.

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