The Baseball Project: Cubs 2010


As promised, The Baseball Project has delivered the second song of its “Broadside Ballads” series, in which the band writes and releases a song each month during the baseball season.

This one deals with something near and dear to my ever-broken heart: the Cubs. I can’t say I’m as optimistic as Scott McCaughey, who makes one bold prediction after another on Cubs 2010: “This is the Cubs year, 2010 / 102 years, this drought has to end / everybody from 1908 is dead.”

As McCaughey suggests in the song and in an interview, there are plenty of ifs involved for the Cubs to end their – and my – misery. And McCaughey isn’t a Cubs fan, so he can afford to make these reckless proclamations – “this will be the year of no last-minute choke” – without that feeling of perpetual dread that something will derail their season.

I know, it’s an awful way to think, and McCaughey seems to be challenging that pessimism, dismissing all those mishaps and countless curses (he doesn’t even mention Bartman) and asking us to envision that glorious moment.

I’ll never stop believing, I just hope he has Cubs 2011 ready for next season.

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  1. Would this be a bad time to point out that my D’backs really beat up the Cubs yesterday?

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