The Black Angels: NPR Tiny Desk Concert


If you’ve not had the fortune of seeing the Black Angels live – I have twice, not including their recent sold-out show here in Phoenix – it can be loud and fuzzy, dark and hazy, a psychedelic vibe wrapped in the allure of a fog machine. The Austin band’s performance for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert is not like this at all.

The Black Angels stripped down to the acoustics for this four-song session, save for singer Alex Maas’ echo-heavy microphone. It’s a great set, though a little weird to see this particular group in an obviously mismatched backdrop as the sun beams through the NPR offices. Someone pull down the blackout shades, please.

Setlist (first three tracks appear on the 2010 album Phosphene Dream):

Bad Vibrations
Haunting At 1300 McKinley
Entrance Song
Too Much Hate

Watch the video version at NPR or listen to the audio via the widget below:

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