The Cool Kids: 2K Pennies

As you might imagine, the advertising/promotion at Monday’s 2K Sports Bounce Tour with Q-Tip, the Cool Kids and the Knux at Marquee Theatre had all the subtlety of a jackhammer on concrete. Game kiosks in the lobby/bar area were trumped only by two screens on the stage showing highlights of the NBA 2K9 game.

Who has money to buy a video game after paying $33 for a concert ticket anyway? At least the folks at 2K Sports were kind/smart enough to dole out some freebies, including a sampler CD featuring artists who appear on the soundtracks to their games.

That includes the Cool Kids, who put on an impressive set with their decidedly minimalist style (love the dip-and-duck dance with Pac Div during Black Mags).

Naturally, 2K Pennies (on the NBA 2K9 game) finds the duo coolly tossing out basketball references. I’ll even forgive Chuck Inglish (originally from Michigan) for name-checking famous Bulls nemesis Rick Mahorn. Hey, if it’s good enough for Kevin Garnett, it’s good enough for me.

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