The Dodos: Fools (video)

I’ve been pondering my favorite albums of the year, jotting notes and scrambling a bit to see what I’ve overlooked, as I’ll be presenting my list here (presumably before the end of the year) and for Stinkweeds (as I did for their year-end booklet last year).

The Dodos’ Visiter is making a late charge. I admit: It was recommended to me by a friend at least three months ago (it came out in March, for crying out loud) and I’ve only recently cozied up to it. But, seriously, I think it has a real good chance at overtaking Chinese Democracy for my No. 10 spot (*RIMSHOT*).

I know for a fact that Fools (and maybe even Jodi) will be on a year-end mix I make for friends who come over to our New Year’s Eve bash. I’d say you’d be a fool to not like this one, but that’s just too easy.

Pick up Visiter at eMusic.

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