The Gray Kid feat. My Brightest Diamond: “Bang”

Can I get a holla for my boy Ben, who gave me the heads up on this track from the Gray Kid?

Born Steve Cooper, the Gray Kid is, from what I can gather, a one-man show: producer, DJ, emcee. He’s a rapper and a soul enthusiast, evident in the track Lonely Love. He goes from soul-inspired falsetto crooning in one verse to bad-ass emcee the next.

Bang is a “vocal mashup,” taking the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Bang and mashing it with B-52 and Nas vocals from My Brightest Diamond and himself. I’ve sort of grown tired of mashups, but this is cool because the Gray Kid is mixing reworked vocals, not the originals. It gives the whole thing a twist.

World’s Fair Label Group has all the latest on the Gray Kid, including a pretty hilarious video flyer. And the Gray Kid keeps a well-written and humorous blog: The Gray Kid Says.

The Gray Kid feat. My Brightest Diamond | Bang
The Gray Kid | Lonely Love

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