The Mighty Underdogs: War Walk

Take two of my favorite emcees, add a highly regarded Bay Area producer and put their record out on the heavyweight champ Definitive Jux and what do you get? The Mighty Underdogs and Droppin’ Science Fiction.

I think it’s safe to predict that bringing Gift of Gab from Blackalicious and Lateef the Truthspeaker from Latyrx together will result in some breathtaking verses. Add Headnodic from Crown City Rockers and we’re talking supergroup material.

The group is offering a free download of a new track, War Walk, that features Chali 2na (shocker), Tash, Raashan Ahmad and Zion I. And, man, it’s great to hear Lateef, who probably ranks as one of the more overlooked cats out there.

Pre-order Droppin’ Science Fiction at Def Jux. Other guests on the album include MF Doom, DJ Shadow and Mr. Lif.

Here’s the pretty awesome video by Ben Stokes for Gunfight, featuring MF Doom:

4 thoughts on “The Mighty Underdogs: War Walk”

  1. I agree with you about Lateef being overlooked. War Walk is definitely an amazing track and I’m really loving the production. When does the album come out?

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  3. Their album comes out Oct 14th and I’m holding my breath! These guys know how to do what they do!

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