The National on Fair Game from PRI

The National, creators of my favorite album of 2007 (and 2005 for that matter), stopped in for an interview/session on PRI’s Fair Game with Faith Salie, which kindly made mp3s of the performance available for download.

My good friend from high school texted me Friday night after seeing the National in Brooklyn, a show we damn near flew out to New York for. “Just got out of the national show. Brilliant.” Sigh. Although I spent my evening with a nice seat for the Celtics-Suns game, I’d much rather have been in Brooklyn.

Maybe they’ll come to Arizona soon. Maybe? Please?

The National on Fair Game from PRI, 2/19/08:

  • Fake Empire
  • Slow Show
  • Start a War
  • You’ve Done it Again Virginia

2 thoughts on “The National on Fair Game from PRI”

  1. Yes, it was a spectacular show, although we had a bit of a snowstorm yesterday morning and I feared for people traveling in to see the show (I read on some blogs of people coming in from various places). We sat in the orchestra section and the view was spectacular; but I really had to restrain myself, I just wanted to move around and if you got up you’d be blocking people’s views. The sound was perfect though, and the band was super confident, Matt’s chitchat was endearing, and musically they were just dead-on!! Better than the recordings by far. I hope you get to see them soon:)

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