The National on WOXY, 9/23/07

This set from WOXY’s Lounge Acts couldn’t have come at a better time because we’re headed to Los Angeles this coming weekend to see the National on Sept. 28 at the Wiltern.

For some reason, the session was delivered through my podcast subscription even though the WOXY shows it airing today (Monday). Not that I’m complaining. I urge you to listen (2 p.m. eastern time) to hear the interview, as well.

The three-song session is acoustic with singer Matt Berninger and bassist Aaron Dessner, who were kind enough to treat us to the B-side You’ve Done It Again Virginia from the Lit Up single (buy here).

Boxer still stands as my favorite album of the year, and I imagine seeing the National live will only serve to reinforce that. It would take a mighty effort to unseat Boxer from its perch (the New Pornographers’ Challengers is rising fast, but I don’t think it will overtake Boxer).

The National, WOXY Lounge Acts, 9/23/07:

  • Apartment Story.
  • You’ve Done It Again Virginia.
  • Mistaken for Strangers.

MP3s of the National on AOL’s the Interface.

4 thoughts on “The National on WOXY, 9/23/07”

  1. Awesome to alraedy find this posted. Just finished listening to it on WOXY. Great station and a great band. hands-down my favorite album of 2007.

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