The old lady

In a first for this blog, my wife, Annie, is going to post something. In fact, I’m going to write this little introduction and leave the room and let her write. Now I know what it’ll be like on the other side, when she’s in bed, long asleep, while I’m still clacking away at the keyboard. Enjoy!

Hi. Right now Kevin is looking in the mirror saying, “Hi, I’m 29” over and over. That’s right it’s my favorite blogger’s birthday. He was a little shy in telling everyone so here I am. Don’t worry it’s not going to be a totally cheesey confession of my love for him, nor am I going to try and post on my own musical tastes. I wouldn’t want the traffic of people googling “chick + rock + ok + lesbian” coming to sms. But, I will let all of you know that Kevin has been letting people know what he’s listening to and what is really good music for quite some time. When we first started dating back in the summer of ’96 he made me a little mix tape to sweeten the relationship. I was expecting the usual slow dance Alphaville-ish music that boys use to tell girls how they really feel. Granted, Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On was the first song but there were so many other gems on there. So this post is a little tribute to the guy that had me at Good, Passin Me By and 100 Ways. I still have that cassette somewhere in a box labeled KEVO that has traveled with me since. Happy Birthday, Kevin.

Morphine | Good
The Pharcyde | Passing Me By
Porno for Pyros | 100 Ways

Plus, since I’m such a good wife I got him this for his birthday!

UPDATE: Whoa. That was awesome. I watched the end of Die Hard with a glass of Stella Artois in hand: “Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker.” I should let Annie post more often.

I can’t believe I put that Marvin Gaye track on there. What a tool. What can I say? I needed to cut to the chase.

11 thoughts on “The old lady”

  1. Happy Birthday, man! And Annie, great post. Glad I’m not the only one who takes (somewhat guilty!) pleasure in “Die Hard”; amazing, that John McClain. Did it all in his bare feet! Take care, guys.
    (Eric in Spokane)

  2. HAPPY B-DAY Kevin!

    excellent postage Annie! (and extremely nice speaker gift).

    and Kevin, i don’t think you should apologize for the Marvin track, although putting it first was perhaps a lapse in judgment. But hell, you obviously got so many damn bonus points for great tracks like “Passin’ Me By” that it clearly didn’t matter.

    –all the best!

  3. Happy Birthday to ya! I used to co-manage Porno For Pyros when this album was being made…which took nearly two years, consisting of most of PFP in a total drug haze and lots of doing nothing…But I still believe the album was a GEM – and sadly written off by most people…I always thought “100 Ways” was one of the most gorgeous songs Perry has ever written…so, thanks for bringing back a nice memory here 🙂

  4. Kev, happy birthday brutha! sorry i’m late. as someone once said to me the first time i let mj post on mokb…”I like Annie more than you.” 😉

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