The Walkmen on’s Lounge Act

While you can subscribe to the great Lounge Act podcast, the folks at are also cool enough to split these sessions into mp3s for individual consumption (which I used to do a lot until people asked me to stop).

The latest Lounge Act session comes from The Walkmen, who are in town tonight (Tuesday) as the opener for the sold-out Kings of Leon show at Mesa Amphitheatre. And I guess I wasn’t the only one who found this pairing a little awkward given the venue sizes of this tour. Singer Hamilton Leithauser makes it sound like the transition was a little tricky for The Walkmen: “We’ve been adjusting … we were a little lost at the beginning, I think, in the big rooms, playing some of our slow songs. It didn’t really translate that well.”

Sounds just fine here.

Get the rest of the mp3s here.

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