This Friday: 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers, Random and more at Hidden House

We got a flyer now, so you know it’s official: I’m teamin’ up with Al Page at the Hidden House, one of my favorite weekend spots in the Valley, for a Friday night of live hip-hop that stretches from Phoenix to Philly.

It’s a reunion of sorts: Transplanted Philadelphia emcee Random, who calls Phoenix home now, on the same bill with a couple of his hometown homies – Zilla Rocca and Curly Castro. Phoenix singer MysticBlu is on the docket, too.

If the 100-degree weather in late September doesn’t floor Zilla and Curly, then the cache of Four Peaks beer I have in holding will serve as a fine welcome to our city. As it stands, Curly is slated for a solo set, followed by a performance as 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers, the long-distance collaboration between Zilla and Douglas Martin.

It’s gonna be a great night, and I hope anyone in the Valley reading this can make it out. I’ll have some goodies all week about the show. In the meantime, check the links for some essential listening and peep the video of Random on The Train Tracks below.

5 O’Clock Shadowboxers on Bandcamp

<a href="">Bottomfeeders (Small Professor Remix) by 5 O&#8217;Clock Shadowboxers</a>

Curly Castro and DJ Ambush: Phatman and Likklebwoy mixtape

Random (aka Megaran) on Bandcamp

• Random on The Train Tracks:

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