Three the hard way

The second half of the baseball season begins tomorrow. Seeing as how the Cubs are 12 1/2 games out of the division lead, all I have to look forward to is Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee’s still-legit chance at the Triple Crown (last won in 1967 by Carl Yastrzemski of the Red Sox.

Heading into the second half, Lee is at .378 (No. 1 in NL), 27 HRs (tie for No. 1) and 72 RBIs (No. 2).

These two are for him:

Dilated Peoples
Triple Optics — Live Funky Precedent Mix

Beastie Boys
Triple Trouble

2 thoughts on “Three the hard way”

  1. nice. very nice. it’s good to see another cubs fan with decent taste in music.

    I will be throwing up a link to your blog this weekend. here is to hoping the cubs can still make a run of it.

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