Throw Me the Statue: Hi-Fi Goon


While I’d heard of Throw Me the Statue, I really had no plans on hunting down the Seattle band’s new album Creaturesque – until I caught wind of Hi-Fi Goon. Now it’s about the only thing I’m listening to of late.

Something in Hi-Fi Goon just struck me right away. It is only one second short of that magical 2:42 mark. More likely, though, it’s the song’s flawless hooks and splendid pacing. Strains of Built to Spill’s perfectly messy melodies are readily apparent – another plus in my book – but that’s probably not a surprise considering longtime BtS producer Phil Ek oversaw Creaturesque, too. You’ll have a difficult time getting this one out of your head.

As luck would have it, Throw Me the Statue is playing Modified in Phoenix on Sept. 14 with the Brunettes and Nurses. Tickets are $10.

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