Trail of Dead: “Wasted State of Mind”

So, everyone’s favorite modern prog/art-rock group with the cumbersome band name (we’re not talking about Rush here) has a new single available for download on its MySpace from the forthcoming So Divided (out Nov. 14; pre-order from Insound and get a free 7″).

The guys in the group may or may not have leaked the albums themselves. Seems like a hoax, but who the hell knows anymore?

Anyway, Trail of Dead is scheduled to perform at Marquee Theatre in Tempe on Nov. 27 (same night as Mates of State/Asobi Seksu at Rhythm Room). Also, they’ll be making an in-store performance the same day at Hoodlum’s at Arizona State.

Wasted State of Mind seems like a great successor to the work on Worlds Apart, an album I enjoyed and seem to be in the minority with that opinion. Frantic bongo and piano lines open the track, giving way to Conrad Keely’s always epic/overwrought/pompous-sounding lyrics. And I love it. For reasons unknown, I make the helpless mental transition from this song to Dave Brubeck’s Take Five.

… Trail of Dead | Wasted State of Mind

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3 thoughts on “Trail of Dead: “Wasted State of Mind””

  1. Worlds Apart is not their “best album” but it is assuredly good.. whoever says different must be suckin on pitchfork’s pipe, so to speak.

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