Tuesday night: Final Fantasy and Cadence Weapon

Image via Brooklyn Vegan.

I’ve had this one circled on the calendar for some time now: Final Fantasy with Cadence Weapon on Tuesday night at Modified. (Nifty opens the show.)

I think most of my friends are eager for Final Fantasy, but I’m especially excited to see Cadence Weapon for the first time. I had the good fortune to interview Cadence Weapon (aka Rollie Pemberton) in advance of the show. You can read the story here. Pemberton said he and Final Fantasy (aka Owen Pallett) likely will pair up for some form of a duet. Hopefully it sounds something like this.

  • Cadence Weapon with Final Fantasy | Sharks (CBC radio session) (via Nialler 9)

SPEAKING OF Modified … 17 people at the Aqueduct show on Monday night. Really, Phoenix? Really? That’s just frustrating and embarrassing. Thankfully, David Terry and Co. put on a great show regardless, playing for a little more than an hour and taking requests at the end. You can read a story I wrote on Aqueduct here.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday night: Final Fantasy and Cadence Weapon”

  1. Excellent interview with Cadence Weapon. I have also been looking forward to this show for awhile. Also really good blog and I can’t believe I haven’t read it before!

  2. 17!?! The Autumn Defense would have loved such a large crowd. This town continues to be pathetic…

  3. Wonderful article!! I feel your pain about the 17 people in attendance…I live in Charleston, SC, and often I can count the number of people at a show on two hands (Celebration, Robbie Fulks, Great Lake Swimmers, Black Angels, Sunburned Hand of the Man…the list goes on and on). Final Fantasy and Cadence Weapon are playing here on Wednesday night and I’m eager to see how full the crowd is. How was the turnout at their Phoenix show?

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