Tuesday: The Whigs+What Made Milwaukee Famous

It seems like it’s been awhile since we’ve been to a show, so that will make Tuesday night’s outing at Modified, featuring the Whigs, What Made Milwaukee Famous and the Dead Trees, all the more fun.

I’ve been hopped up on the Whigs’ Mission Control (available at eMusic) the past couple days to get ready. (Though, this is my favorite album named Mission Control.)

The Arizona Republic talked to Whigs drummer Julian Dorio.

Given Modified’s modest size, I have a good feeling about the Whigs blowing the place apart. Note to self: Bring earplugs.

The Whigs perform Right Hand on My Heart on Letterman:

EDIT: Check out some live video at Breakfast on Tour of the tour stop in Houston. Um, yeah, Right Hand on My Heart pretty much rules.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday: The Whigs+What Made Milwaukee Famous”

  1. You are in for one hell of a show. We just saw them in Houston, including an in-store by The Whigs earlier in the day. To get a feel at what you are going to get on Tuesday come check out my blog (Breakfast On Tour).


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