TV on the Radio: Live at Amoeba EP

This might very well be the first (and last?) post here ever on TV on the Radio. See, my boy Royce is crazy about ’em, and I’ve tried to get into ’em and it just hasn’t stuck the way I (or he) had hoped. Whenever I offer the dismissive shrug followed by “eh,” I get the evil eye.

So, this one is for Royce, who could use your donations as he grows something sort of resembling a mustache for a good cause.

TV on the Radio played the fantastic Amoeba Records in Hollywood on Sept. 22, 2006. A four-song EP has been released, and I snagged it after racking up some Stinkweeds credit for a minor cleansing of unwanted CDs.

Buy the EP at (where else?) Amoeba.

  • TV on the Radio | Wolf Like Me (live at Amoeba)

View some video and interview footage, courtesy of Amoeba.

One thought on “TV on the Radio: Live at Amoeba EP”

  1. I’m with you, Kevin. A friend bought me “TV On…”‘s cd for my last birthday and I just can’t get into it. They’re unique, they don’t sound like anybody else (which is always a good thing) but I’m just not gettin’ it. Oh well, there’s enough stuff that I DO “get”, I guess.
    As usual, thanks for the post, and all your work on this fantastic blog. Take care.
    -Eric in Spokane

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