Ugly Duckling — new tracks

Underrated — or maybe just underexposed — group Ugly Duckling is one of the most refreshing acts to tackle a hip-hop genre that just takes itself too damn serious. The three-man group from Long Beach, Calif. — emcees Andy and Dizzy and deejay Young Einstein — create fun and (gasp!) lighthearted tracks that never pretend be more important than the culture they represent.

One of my favorite UD tracks — that epitomizes how they keep everything in perspective — is Opening Act, off their last LP Taste the Secret. Self-deprecating (not to mention brilliant, as well), the song details the woes of their first-on-the-bill concert status : “Maybe one day we’ll ride the tour bus and you’ll come out to see us.”

UD is preparing to drop a new LP, and the group has been generously offering tracks to preview on its MySpace page. (Thanks to Chris for the heads up.) I ripped a couple into mp3s using Audio Hijack Pro.

Ugly Duckling Lower the Boom
Ugly Duckling | Smack

Ugly Duckling | Opening Act

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