Unreleased Brother Ali: “Original King”

Rhymesayers Entertainment, the hip-hop label run by Slug of Atmosphere, is all over the place this year. Releases by Psalm One (The Death of Frequent Flyer) and Soul Position (Things Go Better With RJ and Al) rank right up there with any hip-hop albums of the year, and now Brother Ali is off to tour with none other than Rakim in September. Talk about being in the presence of greatness … although, Brother Ali joins the tour mid-month, too late for me to check him out for the Sept. 5 show in Tempe.

Anyway, perhaps as a little celebratory gesture, Rhymesayers is offering up an unrelased Brother Ali track, Original King, in which he lets off an angry flow over a funk-heavy bassline.

Brother Ali | Original King

Been awhile since we’ve perused the blogs here … there’s good stuff out there. Here we go:

  • Brian, he of Bows + Arrows fame, is making us all look silly with his latest post on the Mountain Goats. Seriously, this post is pretty much everything I love about his blog: lots of feeling and great writing. Like there’s a real, live person there behind it.
  • The Anchor Center is getting lots of love and with good reason. Dude is analyzing mp3s via video. I … I … I’m speechless. He’s making this whole “writing” shtick seem ancient.
  • He’s back – tmwsiy* moved from Boston to San Fran and I thought we lost him forever. But he’s returned.

Looks like there’s been a change to the local concert calendar. The Jose Gonzalez date has been moved from Oct. 4 to Oct. 3 and venue has changed from Rhythm Room to the Clubhouse. Not sure what prompted the switch, but thanks to Ann for the heads up.

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