Weekend wrap-up: City of Angels

Just got back from a weekend in Los Angeles. Two things are certain if I ever moved there: 1. My blood pressure would rise tremendously from traffic (seriously, traffic jam at 11:30 pm, WTF?); 2. I’d go broke buying vinyl at Amoeba.

Luckily, we made it in time to the Echo on Saturday night to check out the Aquarium Drunkard-sponsored Howlin’ Rain show. Not only did I get to catch up with the Drunkard, but I also finally met in person Jeff Weiss, he of the Passion of the Weiss. Both great guys, but you wouldn’t expect anything less.

To top it off, friggin’ Rick Rubin was at the show. We’re talking about the man responsible for producing some of the finest hip-hop records in my collection: Run-DMC’s Raising Hell and Tougher Than Leather and LL Cool J’s Radio. He was rockin’ out in the back, beard all bushy and what not. If I had a set, I’d have gone up and shook his hand and thanked him for Tougher Than Leather, one my favorite hip-hop albums of all-time.

Needless to say, world-famous record producers do not show up all that often at shows in Phoenix. So I was a little star-struck. Major kudos to Aquarium Drunkard. This one is to, well, Rick Rubin.

  • Spank Rock | Rick Rubin

As for that (somewhat rushed) trip to Amoeba, here was my haul:

Run-DMC, Tougher Than Leather on vinyl (sigh, awesome. $11.99).

… Trail of Dead, Source Tags and Codes on vinyl ($4.99).

The Roots, Game Theory on vinyl ($5.99).

Panther, Yourself on vinyl ($2.99).

Rage Against the Machine, No Shelter 7-inch (red vinyl, $2.99).

Wilco, What Light 7-inch (b/w unreleased Let’s Not Get Carried Away, $4.99).

3 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up: City of Angels”

  1. I really need to get to Amoeba more often. Game Theory on vinyl for $5.99? Source, tag and Codes for $4.99. Egads. Highway Robbery. Thanks for the kind words as well. Rick Rubin though? That was just weird and really really awesome.

  2. You know I almost went to that show on a whim. I had run into a couple of the girls from “Citay” right before the show and they almost convinced me to come out with my friend.

    Turns out at the same store where I met those girls, Karen O. of the “Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs” was shopping for new threads in the back.

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