Wilco: Hate It Here (on SNL)

This isn’t one of my favorite tracks from Sky Blue Sky, but I am growing to at least appreciate the dear diary-like honesty of the lyrics. (Thanks, Brooklyn Vegan.)

SUNDAY NIGHT: We headed to Modified to check out the Hands on Fire/Fleet Foxes/Blitzen Trapper show. All three are excellent, and I am already a couple spins through the Fleet Foxes’ Sun Giant EP (8.7 at Pitchfork.)

As it turns out, keyboardist Casey Wescott is a hip-hop head, so you’ll be seeing an I Used to Love H.E.R. entry from him in the near future. He told me about his dad throwing out hip-hop CDs when he was young – Midnight Marauders, Quik is the Name. Trashed. Man, that’s like tossin’ a Mickey Mantle baseball card. He also spoke of his fondness for The-Breaks.com, a massive repository of sample usage in hip-hop, and how he taught himself sampled material on Wu-Tang Clan records on the piano. All in all, it was a fantastic conversation, one that made me miss the first few songs by Blitzen Trapper.

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