Yameen: Never Knows Best (sampler mixtape)

Back in, oooh, 1995 or so, I spent a lot of my free time (and not-so-free time) on what would soon become known as “the Internet.” Specifically, I went to my college’s computer lab and logged on to hieroglyphics.com obsessively. More specifically, the Hiero Hoopla message board. I traded so many tapes it’s insane. I have some great mixes and freestyles and unreleased sh*t from those days, I really should be digitizing all that.

The site’s Webmaster was known simply as Stinke. I never thought I’d think of his name again until we exchanged emails in the past year about SupremeEx, his collaboration with Tajai of Souls of Mischief. (He also reminded me of some horribly written Hiero concert “reviews” I once posted to the message board. Yeah, thanks for that.)

Now, he’s got his own project under the name Yameen. The record is called Never Knows Best (Ropeadope), and it’s got a stellar cast of guest spots: Casual, Georgia Anne Muldrow and Shock G (SHOCK G! … if you don’t know), among others.

I haven’t listened to it in full, but it’s available everywhere, including eMusic.

In the meantime, you can download for free an album sampler mixtape by DJ Statik.

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