Z-Trip: Victory Lap – The Obama Mix (Pt. 2)


In the heat of the presidential election, DJ Z-Trip dropped the Obama mix, an inspiring message through music that encouraged people to vote and take action. Now that our man is about to take office, Z has followed up his first mix with Victory Lap: The Obama Mix (Pt. 2). As Kyle said, if you need a soundtrack for Inauguration Tuesday, this is it.

Z-Trip explained the origin of the mix:

“Last week I was contacted by MoveOn.org to put something together for an email blast they are doing for the lead up to the inauguration. This one is called “Victory Lap: The Obama Mix Pt. 2”. It’s my way of congratulating all of us for electing what I think is the right person for the job. We made history and I’m proud to be a part of that. Yes, my friends, it is time to celebrate, but please don’t lose sight of the mess we are still in, there is plenty of work that lies ahead.”

As usual, Z-Trip does a masterful job of mixing music with a message, blending Obama sound bites with fitting song choices (Rare Earth’s I Just Want to Celebrate gets the ball rolling.)

[ZIP]: DJ Z-Trip | Victory Lap: The Obama Mix (Pt. 2)

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