Guest list: Snow Songs

This Last year, I asked a few Phoenix-area musicians/people of interest for their year-end, best-of lists for 2008: albums, songs, whatever. This installment comes from Yolanda Bejarano, a longtime Valley musician who now performs her indie-folk stylings under the name Snow Songs.

1. Dr. DogFate
2. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinsonself-titled
3. Fleet Foxesself-titled
4. Lucinda WilliamsLittle Honey
5. Bon IverFor Emma, Forever Ago
6. Kanye West808s & Heartbreak
7. Ryan Adams and the CardinalsCardinology
8. Lykke LiYouth Novels
9. Department of EaglesIn Ear Park
10. CSSDonkey

Favorite albums of 2008
Favorite song(s) of 2008
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